25 September, 2020
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Network Marketing Secrets Review | FREE BOOK by Russell Brunson


the book ultimate guide to network marketing by Russell Brunson!

In recent years, advertising costs have been increasing and small businesses like us are not profitable. That's why I started looking for a new way to bring my products to customers and cost as little as possible. And I unknowingly know Network marketing secrets book, It has changed completely and quickly developed my business dizzily and the cost seemed to be zero. 

Today I will review for you a special book about the newly published Network Marketing of Russell Brunson. This book teaches you how to build online sales funnels to grow your downline and your business. And the best and fastest way to do that is through a software called ClickFunnels

Overview about this book

  • Name Book: Network Marketing secrets 
  • Author: russell Brunson's
  • Niche: Network Marketing
  • Paperback: 104 pages
  • Official Website: CLICK HERE
  • Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee 
  • Recomment: Highly Recommended

About author

Russell Brunson is an expert in marketing, especially using sales funnels to build businesses quickly. In less than 3 years the technology company he co-founded is called Clickfunnel from zero to Over 55,000 Entrepreneurs Use it to Power Their Business! 

Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels. These are the two bestsellers in recent years about the marketing world, that's 2 books Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets book.

And I really thank the contributions he brings to the community. Honestly, when I knew him I have become a true fan and any product or training course new launching I bought it.


A question he hear all the time is “How can I get network marketing to work using sales funnels?”

The truth is, a lot of the principles of knowing how to make money with network marketing online, are the same principles we use across all types of business

Did you know that Russell Brunson was named king of the funnel? In online network marketing too, it is worth noting here that he used the sales funnel to rapidly grow the network marketing team.

In this book, he introduced me to about the 3 ‘LOST’ Funnels that run 99.9% of ALL successful network marketing companies are: 

#1 The 3-Way Call Funnel

#2 The Home Party Funnel

#3 The Hotel Meeting Funnel

                                    Russell                      BRUNSON  

Funnel #1 - The 3-Way Call Funnel - Create the perfect communication “bridge” between YOU and your prospect! You can share your message and opportunity WITHOUT ever needing to grab someone from your upline, and jump on a phone call! (This funnel works even if you’re brand new to network marketing, and don’t have any established credibility yet…)

Funnel #2 - The Home Party Funnel - This isn’t like your typical home party! Get all the sales, leads, and social interaction of a traditional home party right through the power of the internet…(WITHOUT having to lug around bins of product, or set foot outside of your home!)

Funnel #3 - The Hotel Meeting Funnel - How to create DUPLICATION in your online business to rapidly grow your team and create that ‘multiplier-effect’ in your paychecks...(This is how you build a rock-solid business foundation that cannot crumble…)

And he explained some issues about How To Succeed At Network Marketing With An MLM Sales Funnel. You can watch the video below:

Right now I guess you know how important the network marketing team is to the development of a business. As for me, it has opened a new path for my small business. 

network marketing secrets up-sell

Of course yes, because all he provides is really great and almost everything he provides I buy it. 

After you order the network marketing secrets book, He will take you to the next few landing pages so you can get special offers from the tools to help your marketing funnel better. Here I learn quite a lot about sales funnels, how he up-sell convincingly. WOW :)))


#1 up-sell -  The Funnel hacker Black Box: cost you $37

This is the first thing that Russell wants you takes it and it includes:

- DotCom Secrets book

- Secret Sketches of Russell Brunson

- Action pics Secrets Booklet

- Fill Your Funnels Secrets

- Booklet on Clickfunnels Secrets

- Sticker on I Build Funnels

- Funnel Hacker Manifesto

- Sticker for I am a Funnel Hacker

- Free Ticket for the Russell Brunson Webinar

- Funnel Script Ticket

- Funnel Consulting Ticket

- Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets

- Quick Start Guide 

If you are an enthusiast at building funnels, I highly suggest getting the Black Box.

#2 up-sell -  One Funnel Away Challenge: cost you $100

One Funnel Away Challenge is a series of training videos added to the 30 days summit, Including 30 different ideas from 30 well-known marketer success with Clickfunnel. 

With $100 you will have 30 days plan with a checklist and training step-by-step, a hardcover book and get involved in a community that helps you get new, more sales funnel ideas that successful people on the Internet apply. 

This is the second up-sell after you order the secret marketing network book. But you can get this program through the direct link.

If you want more details about this program, please click here to go to the official website One Funnel Away ChallengeAll is great, I love it :))

#3 up-sell -  Traffic Secrets: cost you $297

And this is really what I was overwhelmed by the information he provided.​

you can have great sale funnel, you can best email marketing, BUT....

If you don't have traffic, you don't have.... 

_ no traffic, you can’t test your funnel
_ no traffic you can’t build email list
_ And no traffic, you actually  make NO sale

And eventually, your business will die :(( 

When I know about Russell Brunson, I know to the marketing funnel, email marketing. I have focused on those things and take me much time but the money back is zero, Russell has awakened me. If you don't have traffic, those things seem useless.

So Traffic Secrets is a course that teaches you how to increase your traffic to the website, to your funnel.

And now you can learn more course TRAFFIC SECRETS HERE.


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