25 September, 2020
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ClickFunnels Review [2019]: Best Software To Build Sales Funnel

clickfunnel - funnel builder

Clickfunnels review 

 EVERYTHING You Need To Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Products and Services Online! 

Have you been wondering what Clickfunnels is and why did it get such a long-standing reputation? Today, this little article of mine will show you!

Let me ask you a question. What do you think we should prioritize in increase customer conversion rate?
To me, it is the sales funnel! Funnel first, and everything else later.

Why? Simply put, a funnel is the main reason for which normal visitors with a bit interest in what you have into prospects, and then into real buyers in the end. Even if you can give your products the best quality, without a decent sales funnel, your business will not be able to make any progress.

So, how to build a sales funnel?  

However, here comes another problem. Sales funnel are complicated items! In fact, when creating one, just one misstep and all your efforts will go down the drain. After all, they are all about earning people’s trust. And as you have known, this is never easy. 

Therefore, unless you have got experience in funnel building, you are going to need an assistant.

This is Clickfunnels!

How about ClickFunnels, a well-known funnel builder from Russell Brunson? Ever since it was launched into the market, many people from all over the world have fallen head over heels for the way it works. Hence, it quickly gained the title of one of the biggest marketing SaaS companies!

So, what are ClickFunnels? And how did it get such a reputation? I’m going to reviews for you about ClickFunnels, the software I’m using to build sales funnels for my business. Let’s find out!

Here is what I’m going to be covering in this ClickFunnels review


  • Product Name: Clickfunnels Software 
  • Author: Etison Product, Co-founder Russell Brunson 
  • Sales Page: Click Here 
  • Clickfunnels trial:  14 day FREE trial
  • Bonus + Discount:  Yes – Get Your Bonus here
  • Price: $97/month (basic) or $297/month (actionetics)
  • Niche: Software / Marketing & Sales
  • Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Recommend: Highly Recommend

What is ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels is an online software created by Russell Brunson and his team in the middle of 2014. So far there have been over 65,000 actives members and he has turned Clickfunnels into a business worth more than $100 million every year

Core, ClickFunnels is a software for building sales funnels. With so many other features help you can deploy a successful marketing campaign. 

  • Landing pages
  • Squeeze pages
  • Webinars
  • Membership sites
  • Every type of sales funnel you can think of, complete with order bumps, upsells and downsells

ClickFunnels is what you can use to actually get the clients and make massive profits. According to many users, and a huge number of reviews on ClickFunnels, it is quite out of the usual.

Plus, they also say that it can bring you a powerful funnel within minutes even when you are just a newbie.

The way I see it, there are no plain rumors! This funnel builder is truly capable of fulfilling those important tasks. It can simplify all the complicated parts belonging to a funnel, render them click-and-drag processes – something newbies like you can work well with.

No, this is not magic! ClickFunnels is simply the result from many years working nonstop of Russell and his team. Up to this point, it has been given many outstanding abilities, such as building highly-converting landing pages, giving you custom domains, running A/B split tests, you’ll even be able to start your own affiliate program (Backpack) and replace your email service with (Actionetics MD).

Basically, you’re getting everything you need to market and sell your products online, without having to hire expensive developers. 

If you don't know, clickfunnels has a club called 2 Comma Clubyou can see that more than 300 entrepreneurs have already created $1 million dollar funnels using ClickFunnels.

Here are some Case Studies that have made millions of dollars and stand on the stage with Russell Brunson. they are come from different business, different niche: 

Apart from being successful using Clickfunnels, Clickfunnels Affiliate has also changed the lives of tens of thousands of people. This affiliate program is called What's Your Dream Car? you can Sign Up to Become an AffiliateYou will get 40% of the commission value of all products. Clickfunnel software alone, you only need to sell once and enjoy life if the customer still uses the service.

I know you're wondering what knowledge to you can start. Don't worry because his team has created a detailed tutorial course so you can promote clickfunnels more easily, called is Affiliate Bootcamp. Click here to go to the course.

Since I started an online business, Clickfunnel is what I feel most satisfied with everything. 

About Author

I bet you are no longer a stranger to the name Russell Brunson by now. Even if you have not used his products, you must have at least heard of him one. After all, the guy’s name is all over the marketing market!

As the creator of ClickFunnels, his experience and knowledge about funnels are unquestionable. Plus, he did not do everything on his own. There is a team of other funnel experts by his side. Being the result of their cooperation, this funnel builder will certainly live up to your expectations.

Ten years, this man has built a following of entrepreneurs in the millions, he sold hundreds of thousands of his books. Popularized the concept sales funnels he's co-founded the software company clickfunnels.

That has gone to over $100 million and 55,000 customers in just three years. He is the king of funnels the Internet's favorite entrepreneur affiliate marketing genius. 

russell brunson - funnel builder

At Grant Cardones 10x Growth Con 2018 event Russell Brunson sold over 3 million dollars in 90 minutes. Here is the full Livestream

He is the author of two best-selling books 2018, That is the Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets Book, I think you need to have it. In addition to these two books, Russell has books that I believe will help you improve your marketing skills ( Funnel hacker Cookbook, Network Marketing Secrets book, Software Secrets Book

Up to this point, he is like my idol, a great teacher! 

And now, I will show you what you need to know about clickfunnels

What are the ClickFunnels features?

In general, Clickfunnels provide you with almost everything you can easily create a sales funnel. And if you don't have much knowledge or ideal about funnels, don't worry because everything is available to you.

Features #1: Build your own funnels with sales funnel templates

This is the special ability of ClickFunnels of which many people have become fans! It enables you to create all types of funnels you can think of.

The funnel is really diverse, but in the process of building his business, Russell has summarized 22 typical of funnels that his business has successfully applied. 

There are 3 main categories types of funnels: 

  • Lead Capture Funnels:
  • Sales Page Funnels
  • Event Funnels

For examples, there are funnels that can turn you into a best-selling author, funnels for lead-generation, sales funnels for both products and services, webinar funnels, and so many more.

How is it going to do that? Well, through a range of exclusive items Russell has spent years developing: ClickFunnels templates!

There are tons of highly-converting sales funnel templates stocked up in the tool. For each funnel you can create, you can get a suitable template. And do you know what the best thing is? All of them are 100% free in the Funnel Hacker Cookbook.

Features #2: Click-and-drag editor tool

All of ClickFunnels landing pages, order pages, upsell pages, and download pages are customizable! Plus, you can complete this embellish phrase with nothing more than your mouse. 

This funnel builder allows you to modify not only the content of the pages but also the way they look so they can all have unique appearances!

For examples, you can add your own videos, images, and logos, change the forms and pricing tables.

In addition, other properties such as background colors, fonts, button colors, text colors, and margins can also be replaced to your liking. 

You can see few of the types of pages that our members create often inside of ClickFunnels:

Optin Pages

To Generate Leads And Build A List...

Optin Pages

To Sell Your Products...

Order Form Pages

To Collect Payments...

Upsell Pages

So You Can Do 1-Click Upsells…

Webinar Event Pages

Evergreen Webinar Events

Membership Sites

Store And Sell Your Content

With Clickfunnels, Everything becomes easier than ever. 

Features #3:  Affiliate Software (ClickFunnels backpack)

affiliate program

So, what is ClickFunnels backpack?

Simply put, it is the feature that lets you add your own affiliate program to your funnel.

In general, this might require complicated tools to be pulled off. And ClickFunnels will save you from them! Using this built-in affiliate software, the seemingly impossible task can be fulfilled with no string attached, thus making it quicker for you to earn massive money.

Here is how ClickFunnels backpack works! First, you decide and customize your commission structure. Then, you add the types of your affiliates (choose as many as you like).

And, finally, for each type, you put in the commission amount that you want to pay out.

On top of that, this feature also lets you create a two-tier affiliate program. This is what you can use to convince your affiliates to bring you more customers.

Simply put, with this, you can give the affiliates that get you a new buyer more benefits, thus encouraging them to do it more! 

Features #4: Smart lists

What do you think Things You Can Get Rid Of When You Start Using Actionetics MD:

smart list

This is another special ability of ClickFunnels that you are going love. It allows you to segment your subscribers based on who they are and what they are interested in!

This way, you can understand your potential customers better and know exactly what you should offer them. 

But this is not the end of what this feature can offer. Guess what? You can also have it build simple a Follow-Up funnel and connect with all your subscribers in one single platform!

From now on, you will be able to get in touch with your lists without relying on a bunch of autoresponders, bots, desktop push notifications, and all kinds of annoying tools. 

Features #5: ClickFunnels share funnels

ClickFunnels is going to offer you another great feature: Share Funnels. Well, great to some people only, because there are businesses that can make good profits without relying on it.

I am talking about the sales funnel consultant, affiliate, and network marketer – those that make a living by selling things to the others. Yeah, you have got the picture! This feature enables you to commercialize the funnels and get back even more money.

How it works is very simple – like the rest of ClickFunnels features. After getting a funnel, you hit the “Get This Funnel” button and copy the link that pops up. Then, you just need to paste it to the clients who want to have that funnel.

The link even contains the previews of your funnel so that they can get a closer look at it!

If they like it, they just have to click the “Add This Funnel” button and have it in their account within seconds.

Features #6: ClickFunnels trial

Before actually join the ClickFunnels marketplace, you can get a free trial for 14 days! This will give you time to evaluate the results you get from it and finally see for yourself whether it is the right tool for you or not.

How Does It Work?

I know that there is plenty of ClickFunnels course available out there. And you might have already got a glimpse on how to operate it by now. So, I will make this short.

ClickFunnels is designed to cover every aspect of funnel building for you. And as I have mentioned earlier, there is no experience needed, all you need to work with it is your mouse (and imagination in case you want to customize your funnels).

Here, this demo will show you how things are done.

Who Should Use It?

The way I see it, ClickFunnels is going to be an ideal choice for anyone who needs a funnel but has zero experience in building one. The professionals can use it just fine. Still, I believe that it will suit the newbies more.

Anyway, here is a list of the tool’s target user.

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Authors
  • Product vendors
  • Social media marketers
  • eCommerce marketers
  • eCommerce site owners
  • Shop owners
  • .....................

Pros and Cons of Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Require no prior experience
  • No third-party tool involved
  • Simple dashboard
  • Create all kinds of funnels
  • Customizable funnels
  • Add your affiliate program
  • ClickFunnels free trial
  • Boost sales and profits

Clickfunnels Cons

  • The funnels’ loading time is sometimes too long
  • ClickFunnels support team is great but not available 24/24

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

Here are a few things you need to know about ClickFunnels pricing plans if you want to take it home. 

At the moment, there are two packages available, the Basic and the Enterprise.

This is ClickFunnels Pricing table: 

ClickFunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels Basic 

The Basic plan is priced at $97. And with it, you can have access to all of ClickFunnels’ features, along with the chance to:

  • Build 20 funnels
  • Build 100 pages
  • Get 20000 visitors
  • Get unlimited contact leads
  • Get three custom domains

Clickfunnels Enterprise 

As for the Enterprise plan, its price is $297. Since it is much more expensive, its features are also of much higher quality. Aside from all the features of the Basic, you will get to: 

  • Build unlimited funnels
  • Build unlimited pages
  • Get unlimited visitors
  • Get unlimited contact leads
  • Get unlimited domains
  • Affiliate program (backpack)

I know that many people are pretty concerned with this ClickFunnels pricing table since it has been around for too long and never got an update. Well, not to worry! As far as I know, the ClickFunnels price of 2019 still remains the same up to this point.

Clickfunnels pricing offer

Also, do not be sad if the price is out of your reach. Once in a while, there will be some ClickFunnels coupons or ClickFunnels discounts available. And all you need to do is to grab them!

For examples: if you purchase Funnel Builder Secrets for $2,997 which gives you 12 months of Etison Suite for free plus some additional bonuses. If you calculate it, you can save a considerable amount of money and in addition, you receive a lot of courses: 

  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training
  • Traffic Secrets Membership
  • 12 Months Access To Funnel Scripts
  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • And So Much More...

Not yet, you can also receive an offer from clickfunnels. If you buy Funnel Hacks System than you can get:

  • 6 Months Etison Suite Account to ClickFunnels
  • 6 Week Funnel Hacks Master Class
  • Instant Traffic Hacks
  • Inception Secrets
  • SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences
  • And So Much More...

All …only for $997

​The Bottom Line 

You have reached the last part of my ClickFunnels Review! Thank you so much for stopping by.

Now, as you have already seen, funnel building is nothing different from hard labor itself! There are tons of things you need to work on, and tons of skills you must learn.

However, with the help of ClickFunnels, all of them can no longer bother you. This tool can take care of everything on its own, and deliver you the best results.

On top of that, the ClickFunnels 14-day trial gives you a chance to experience it for an entire two weeks! You will have more time to consider before actually a reaching buying decision.

Sound great, isn’t it?

Then what are you waiting for, click that buy button and take ClickFunnels home now!

clickfunnels reviews -funnel builder

ClickFunnels Review [2019]: Best Software To Build Sales Funnel

Clickfunnels review  EVERYTHING You Need To Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Products and

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